From the grave rises Nooner Bear Studios.

Coffin Rot Brewing Co. was developed by Nooner Bear Studios, a small indie studio based out of West Lafayette, Indiana. Originally a single-man studio headed by Jordan McGraw, he later drafted Samuel Rosser as an artist to craft the pirate VR shooter we see today. Both students of Purdue University, they found their passions for game dev early on in their student careers. Nooner Bear Studios was formed to bring games back their roots: arcade-like fun that drives healthy (or unhealthy) competition.

Jordan McGraw - Programmer & Composition

Jordan is a graduate student at Purdue University researching co-located virtual reality for scientific data visualization. His focus is in game design, simulation programming, environment lighting, and media creation.

In his free time he enjoys spending time with family, learning new music, gaming with friends, and befriending the squirrels.

“More like Hemingway, less like Faulkner.”

Sam has been a passionate 3D artist for a few years now. Fresh out of college without anything close to a firm grasp on life, he’s settled on making indie games. In particular, he loves art with hand-painted textures and anything stylized.

Obsessed with pirates, body modification and retro-futurism. Oh, and death metal. Lots of that. 

“Whatever, man.”

We're especially grateful for the creative contributions from our friends.

Austin Mullen

VO Designer, Dialogue Writer

Simeon Seamus Davis

Primary Voice Actor

Adam Shay

Biz Dev

Brent Mullen

Dialogue Writer

Zach Mull

Creature Voice Acting


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